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Container transporting

  • Container heavy trucks
  • 12 forklift trucks from 1.5 t to 7 t
  • Conventional tilt trucks
  • Trawls for transportation of oversized cargo
  • Container dangerous goods transporting

Container depot
more than 4 000 m2

  • Operating 24/7
  • Storage of the containers
  • Reach stackers
  • Accumulation of containers for export
  • Weighing and registration of VGM certificate

Container park
of various lines

  • Always there are empty containers for loading
  • Inspection and selection of containers for the purpose of the customer
  • Monitoring the technical condition of containers
  • Preparation of containers (installation of flexi tanks, container lining)


Own warehouse

  • Warehouse total space is more than 10 000 m2
  • Storage of goods in an indoor, dry, secure warehouse, with dust-free floors
  • Four reloading ramps with a total length of more than 120 meters
  • Specialized warehouse equipment

  • Stuffing, reloading of grain cargoes

  • Cargo handling and sorting
  • Weighing, marking
  • Quality control of products
  • photo / video-fixing of cargo condition and quality of packing
  • Refrigeration chambers 2700 m2
  • Refrigeration chambers
  • Area for open storage of cargo

Logistics Center

  • Development of individual transfer schemes
  • Multimodal transportation of any cargo
  • Choosing the most convenient port
  • On-line tracking of cargo location
  • Tracking of cargo location in on-line mode
  • Organization of cargo overload at intermediate points
  • Control of safety of seals and cargo condition
  • Cargo insurance and certification

Customs Clearance

  • Import and Export customs clearance of cargoes
  • Current information from customs
  • Preparation of the transaction and verification of documents
  • Counseling and information support
  • Legal support

Services of foreign trade activities

  • Organization of foreign trade activities through our company (all inclusive)
  • Import / Export of goods by our company's turnkey
  • Search of producers / goods on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Search for producers and control of transactions all over the world
  • Availability of warehouses in China and Europe


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