Consolidated cargo delivery (LCL cargoes)


Sea Gate Logistics offers its Customers transportation of consolidated (LCL) cargoes from Turkey, Italy and other countries. These are small shipments from several customers in the same vehicle, such as a sea container or truck.

The scheme for the carriage of consolidated cargoes is as follows:

Our agents at the point of shipment collect cargo from the Senders in the consolidation warehouse. If necessary, we may arrange pick up of the goods directly from the Shipper to our warehouse, or the Shipper may deliver the goods on its own.

In a consolidation warehouse, the cargo is measured, outweighed, collected in a single batch, and loaded into a container or truck. Necessary documents are processed. The container (or truck) goes to the destination point. Sea transportations goes through the port of Novorossiysk.

Customs clearance is carried out either in Novorossiysk, or cargo is sent in transit to a convenient Bonded Warehouse, where goods pass customs clearance. After that, the Consignee can pick up his cargo. We can also arrange the delivery of cargo to the transport company, or to the warehouse of the transport company in the city of Consignee.

So you get an international door-to-door delivery, even if you have a small shipment.

We will help you to issue the necessary permits, carry out customs clearance, advise on the process of work if you are just starting in this.

What goods can be brought by consolidated cargo?


Almost any! Coats, batons, top clothes, equipment, spare parts for trucks and cars, shoes, bags, accessories, underwear, clothing for adults and children, fabrics, stationery, electronics, toys, construction materials, finishing materials, plumbing, home goods, luminaires, chandeliers, sports goods, household chemistry, perfumes, tools, coffee, drinks, food and much more.

We work both with experienced in international trading companies and with those who are just beginning to work on the international market. We provide a complete cycle of logistics services for the delivery of consolidated cargoes, as well as warehouse storage services. The Customer can perform customs clearance on his own or use our services

We do not accept: perishable goods, products with strong odor, goods in inappropriate packaging, dusting goods, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

How to calculate delivery costs for LCL shipment?

Please, send your request to our e-mail address:, specify the type of cargo, HS codes (if any), dimensions, weight and number of cargo places, type of packaging, presence of pallets, supplier address and delivery address. Or contact you in any convenient way by using the Contacts page

Why it is favorable?

Consolidated shipments allow to divide the total cost of delivery of the container or vehicle into all cargo owners according to the volume of shipments. Therefore it is favorable. You shouldn't wait for a shipment to accumulate on an entire container. You can bring one or more pallets. So this way, your Customers will receive the goods sooner!

Let us together expand the geography of transport and opportunities!

We are constantly in search of new interesting ideas. We will be glad if you let us know what directions you are interested in! We will make every effort to launch this service for you!


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