If you want to deliver cargo from Turkey to Russia look no further! Our company “ExpressOceanLines” has been engaged in cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia for many decades. Our great experience and best practices allow us to provide stable cargo traffic for our customers at a high professional level and reasonable price.

 Container transportation from Turkey


Advantages of cooperation with Turkey are obvious:

  • High quality and variety of goods: textiles, clothing, shoes, food products, construction materials, equipment, spare parts for cars and other machines, etc.
  • Turkey means short terms of delivery: 7 – 15 days on average.
  • Delivery from Turkey costs significantly cheaper than from China and many other countries.

Our team well knows all details and ins and outs of dealing with cargo transportation from Turkey. We provide carriage from Turkey to Russia of almost all cargo by sea and truck.


We offer our customers the following:

  • General cargo carriage from Turkey by sea and trucks;
  • Consolidated cargo transportation from Turkey;
  • Delivery of the cargo from the Supplier to the port or consolidation warehouse in Turkey;
  • Comprehensive customs support of transportation;
  • Cargoes insurance;
  • Services for forwarding and warehousing (including packing, marking, package units formation and etc.);
  • Door-to-door cargo delivery;
  • Consulting support.

Besides, we can offer procurement, delivery, and customs formalities clearance by our company’s means. As a result, you will receive your cleared cargo in the Russian Federation. All conditions regarding this service are subject to separate negotiations.

 cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia


How do we work and how can you receive the service?

As far as it concerns consolidated cargoes we do not deal with the following cargoes: goods with a strong odor; dangerous goods of all grades; perishable goods; temperature-sensitive goods; goods subject to phytosanitary or veterinary control when importing to the RF.

We never open the package! We never check completeness, quality, quantity and integrity of the goods. We accept the cargo according to the documents submitted by the Supplier. The package of the goods shall provide their safety and integrity during all stages of transportation and the Supplier shall be liable for it!


Please find below a table of rates for consolidated cargo transportation from Turkey:

Cost of the cargo delivery from the consolidation warehouse in Istanbul to the consolidation warehouse in Novorossiysk / Moscow.


Delivery Istanbul - Moscow:

Cargo volume Cost of 1 m3 (1 m3 = 300 kg)
up to 1.01 m3 $290,00
up to 2.01 m3 $270,00
up to 5.01 m3 $250,00
up to 10.01 m3 $220,00
up to 15.01 m3 $200,00
Over 15 m3 $180,00

* Invoices shall be paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Russian Federation Central Bank +5% as of the date of payment.

* Prepayment is 100% before the cargo delivery to the port of Novorossiysk.

* If the specific weight of the cargo is more than 300 kg per 1 m3 it shall be calculated on the basis of weight. In this case, we assume that 1 m3 = 300 kg.

* We can accept shipments with a volume less than 1 СВМ (300 kg). However, it shall be paid the same cost as for 1 СВМ (300 kg).

* Please check the final cost of transportation with our professionals.


There are compulsory payments also:

  • Cargo handling operations cost in the agent’s warehouse in Turkey: 4.15 USD / CBM.
  • Cargo handling operations, cargo release at the temporary storage warehouse Istra = 10 USD / СВМ (300 kg).
  • Forwarding, transit documentation arrangement = 130 USD / lot.
  • Insurance = 0.15% of the cost of the goods according to the invoice.


Supplementary services:

Description of the services Cost, $/rub
Variants of settlement
Delivery from the Agent’s warehouse in Turkey on request usd on request
Service for cargo customs clearance 180 usd the Customer’s electronic digital signature
Service for cargo customs clearance 230 usd the broker’s electronic digital signature
Preparation of the set of documents for cargo customs clearance 50 usd  
Check of the set of documents for cargo customs clearance 30 usd  
Selection of the Harmonized Commodity Code, per 1 code 2 usd  
Insurance 0,15  % of the invoice amount
Delivery around the RF according to the price of the transportation company usd depending on the carrier selected
Preparation of the set of documents for security return in case of conditional release of goods starting at 100 usd depending on the complexity of the inquiry
Certification on request usd  
Preparation of the Foreign Economic Activities Contract 300 usd  

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